What to do in Valledoria and Northern Sardinia

Valledoria and the area’s surroundings

The bay of sunsets. The ideal spot for those who want to relax and enjoy the beneficial effects of the beautiful and picturesque sunset light shows over the sea. The sunset is a true event on one of the most long and beautiful beaches in Sardinia, close to Valledoria, La Muddizza and La Ciaccia.

Valledoria is one of the main residential and tourist resorts of the Baia dei Tramonti (bay of sunsets). It has a population of about 4,000 inhabitants and, with its two hamlets of La Muddizza and La Ciaccia, offers many tourist services as well as places of entertainment for adults and children. In Valledoria it is possible to go horse riding, cycling, mountain biking, trekking and boating. Many water sports can also be practised including diving, snorkelling, kayaking, sport fishing, windsurfing and kitesurfing.

The mouth of the Coghinas river is a Site of Community Importance and is therefore part of Habitat Directive (CE 1992/43), a European strategy for nature conservation. Of note are excursions at the mouth of the Coghinas river, the third most important waterway in Sardinia. Here it is possible to go on boating and birdwatching trips. The mouth of the river hosts a multitude of rare and protected migratory and resident birds. It is possible to spot the flamingo, the Cormorant by its tuft, the purple heron, the marsh harrier, the osprey, the stilt of Italy, the kingfisher and many others.

The beaches

La Ciaccia beach is very wide and is characterized by the evocative play of light created by the low tide. It extends for about a kilometre to Maragnani. The fine white sand makes it a true postcard landscape.

Maragnani beach is located in the Maragnani district, which began as a settlement by the sea. The beach is about a kilometre long and 30 metres in diameter at its widest point. It is not particularly large but it is undoubtedly very characteristic.

The San Pietro a Mare beach is very broad and extensive and its water is an intense blue colour. The road flanks the beach making access easy. There are free parking spaces nearby and plenty of areas equipped with tables and benches under large trees.

La Muddizza and La Ciaccia

La Muddizza is a village of about 1100 inhabitants where tranquillity reigns supreme. It is located in the low hills, 60 metres above sea level, and therefore offers an amazing sea view over the Gulf of Asinara, from the village of Castelsardo to the Isola Rossa. It is one kilometre from the beaches of San Pietro a Mare, Maragnani and La Ciaccia, and five kilometres from the Terme di Casteldoria. The village is located just minutes from the famous Elephant Rock, the Nuraghe Eni and the evocative fairy houses (domus de janas).

Also in the municipality of Valledoria is La Ciaccia, a small and pretty village. The village is a tourist destination and one of the areas major centres of tourism expansion because of its location close to the coast.


 L’Asinara is an island located in the northwest of Sardinia in the province of Sassari, municipality of Stintino. It faces Porto Torres. The history of the island is full of interesting events and curios. Its ancient history places human settlements there since the 4th millennium BC . More recently it was the site of a military hospital and a deportation point for mainly Austro-Hungarian prisoners of war at the beginning of 1900 and in the First World War. As a penal colony was established on the island, an Article 41 bis regime maximum security prison was built there. Judges Giuseppe Falcone and Paolo Borsellino stayed on L’Asinara. At Cala d’Oliva you can see the building that housed them with its evocative commemorative plaque.

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